Unused Kobo Concepts


In 2015 I was pitching ideas for a Kobo video that was supposed to be more abstract and simple. None of them flew, but I thought they were cool enough to post here.


Unused G2G Concept


THiNK hired me to do a series of videos and this was the first concept I did before getting approval for a second option I gave them.


Huawei P8 Lite


These are some unused concept boards Casey and I developed for this job.


Guevara Films - Leftovers

Helped a buddy out and made some intro things and these were the initial concepts




Music video concept


This was for a music video's opening sequence.  HUGE Danny Yount inspiration here.




This was a canned concept for a video from earlier this year.


Virgin Mobile Concept


This was a concept for a character that didn't end up being anything.


X-Men Event Package


Asterisk Media gave me 48 hours to put a package together for an event. I'm ashamed to show my work so here are some stills that looked not... TERRIBLE.


Un-named Concept


I was approached by a local shop to create a piece about finance. This job didn't work out due to schedule conflicts.


Good Intentions Pitch


Before finding something that worked, this was a pitch for a title sequence for a short film.


COC Aquifer concepts


This stuff was created for Running Pony, a rad shop in Memphis. 




This job was for Running Pony, and became something. I'll one day find the time to post it.