Kobo Aura One Director's Cut

During the summer of 2016 Asterisk Media commissioned me to assemble a team to create a video for Kobo's latest e-reader.  The idea here was to create a passage or portal into an easy to use device that would take you to far away places, unheard of adventures and beautiful worlds. As a team we all were pushed to the limit with this project. With limited time we were able to come together as a solid, well oiled machine outputting idea after idea, concept after concept. The resulting work that the team presented to the client ended up to be a piece that kicked off their launch of the Kobo Aura One. 


AWARDS: 2016 Vega Digital Awards Centauri Winner



CG, Director, Compositor:

CG Artist, Compositor

CG Artist:

Sound Design:


Asterisk Media



Patrick Letourneau

Drew Nelson

Jeff Moberg