Jeff is a multidisciplinary motion designer from Toronto, Canada that drinks beer, eats everything and loves Jon Hopkins. He spends his days locked in his home office scribbling and clicking and listening to music that seems to push out the work smoother.

Jeff went to school in Mississauga, Ontario. He was first introduced to motion graphics and video editing in highschool and with his friends making skateboarding videos in his spare time. Jeff worked odd jobs and eventually got his foot in the door working as a PA intern on music video and short film sets carrying heavy boxes and cables until early next morning. His first real studio job was with Mr. X after interning for 6 months beforehand. He met some great people and learned about Nuke, compositing, animation and industry techniques before moving on to edit video for Entertainment Tonight Canada. While editing, Jeff would experiment with the available After Effects and 3DS Max and try to help out the graphics department as much as he could as that's what spoke to him most.

A section of Global News liked what Jeff was doing so they hired him on as editor and motion designer at 16x9 The Bigger Picture. He worked in this fast paced news environment for 2 years. Motion design really started to pull him in that direction only as he left to pursue a motion graphics artist job at Rogers Communications for their corporate and broadcast area.

in-between these full-time jobs, Jeff would come home from work most nights and work late into the night on freelance work.

After 3 years at Rogers, Jeff felt it was time to let go of the corporate environment and take the red pill with freelancing full-time. He left his job, filed for a business license and hoped for the best. 

The rest can be viewed through his work on this site.